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Chargem Whiskey


 Whiskey is a 2005 stallion and has sired our 2009 to 2011 foal crops. He passes on his playful and charismatic personality to his babies, as well as a nice hind quarter, incredible agility, stamina, height and nice bone.

He also passes on a roan and agouti gene quite frequently which makes for nice chrome too. His babies always surprise us with the color they present, as they are always unique in their own way. Even the one sorrel that we got out of him was a huge surprise because he was out of a bay mare! That one's full sister is a smutty buckskin identical to her Daddy.

Pat Parelli would call him a left-brained extrovert. He is also very partial to Danyel as he has always been kind of a one person horse, but the rest of our family has a place in his heart too.


 Stud fee $600.00


 The results of Whiskey's DNA tests are as follows:

Red Factor: Ee

Both black and red factors detected. The horse tested heterozygous for the red factor. It can transmit either E or e to its offspring. The basic color of the horse will be black, bay or brown, but depending on genes at other color loci, the horse may be buckskin, zebra dun, grullo, perlino, gray, or white.

Agouti: Aa

Horse tested Heterozygous for Agouti. Black pigment distributed in point pattern. The basic color of the horse will be bay or brown in the absence of other modifying genes.

Cream: nCr

Dilute. Horse tested Heterozygous for Cream Dilution (One copy of the Cream allele). Chestnut is diluted to palomino; bay is diluted to buckskin and black is diluted to smoky black. These colors can be further modified by the actions of other genes.


  Whiskey Music Music Mount
 Page Lee Music
  Lady Revenue
  Corine Page
 Page Lee
   First Charge
  VCR Whizz Bang
 Whizz Blitz
 VCR Northern Lights
  Winken Streak
  Chargem Plenty
 Start Charging
   Cup of Charm  (TB)

Mister EE


Mister is a very sweet boy who's siblings have all made great kids horses. He is a Momma's boy and loves attention, even when he is with a mare and not haltered he is very mindful of his manners. Pat Parelli would call him a left-brained introvert, and he has a lot of extroverted traits as well.

He is registered with AQHA and NFQHA. He is 85% foundation registered.

Already he won't stand down to a cow and can really get down and move.

 June 6, 2009 Mister was shown in local halter classes and brought home ribbons in all his classes. Mostly he got 3rd place while his sister took 2nd.

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Alta Whatanita Guy

"Guy" is a 16 hand high 1992 AQHA stallion with an amazing and curious temperament. He has produced very athletic offspring with great minds as well. He sired our 2008 and 2009 foal crops.


March 6, 2009- This stallion was sold. Thank you Rod.

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