Straight 'N' Arrow Ranch

Plain and simple Quarter Horses.

Cypress Harrah


 "Cyber" is a 1998 AQHA mare with great bone and size. She throws an amazing mind in all of her foals. They take a bit longer on the ground, but once you get through that it is all smooth sailing from there. She has been used as a saddle horse but has since been retired as a brood mare.

  Peppy Joe Buck
 King Peppy Joe
 King Coal Levis
  Cypron's May Star
  Melissa May Time
 Be Nimble Jack
   Maytime Cindy
  Golden Jay Bar
 Jay Cee Bars
 Cypress Honeybee
  Juggle The Books
  Fizzy Jet Stream
 Cy Super Bee
   Miss Triple Fizz

Docs Bronze Lady


 "Sadie" is a 1998 AQHA mare. She was Tina's first horse and has seen many things in many places. She is very cowy and can match pretty much any cow both in a pen and out in a field. Lot's of people have learned how to ride on her. She loves little kids especially because they don't make her work hard. She is more than happy just walking around in a corral. She has a super soft touch yet also builds kids confidence by making them be very clear on what they want.

  Doco Peg
 Doc O'Lena
 Doco Salty
  Miss Holy Peg
  Salty Tam
 Salty Charge
   Tam Tivio
  Gray Commander
 Dancing Dervish (TB)
 Buds Music Dancer
  Donna Jo Reed
  Bronze Pepper
 Bita Pepper
   Miss Good Bronze

Rhea Betafivebar


 "Reba" is a 1999 AQHA mare that is a lot of fun to ride, a rider will never be bored on her back. She is full of spunk and curiosity. She throws true in all her foals, we always know what we will get out of her. If you are looking for good feet, longevity, hard honest work and a lot of fun, one of her foals might be just what you need. But when she is bred to Whiskey we just never know what kind of color they will produce.

 May 17,2009 we sure had a big surprise! Reba had a palomino filly.

 June 13,2009 we went to the Wanham days horse show and entered Reba with her 2007 and 2009 fillies in the Produce of Dam class and placed 3rd. Her 2009 filly placed 2nd in the Open foal class.It sure was a lot of fun!

  Wander Bar
 Waspy King Bar
 Silver Five Bar  Undercurrent
  Tona Five Bar
 Joe Douglas
   Tonapah Five
  Winning Zombet
 Winning Note
 Roxy Betawin
  Dream Dawn
  Reva Betastreak
 Zeek The Streak
   Rosie Betawar

Super Dee Bars



 Dee is a beautiful mare and throws and amazing foal. She is one that Danyel brought into our marriage in 2004 and will probably retire here.All her babies are mid ranking horses and great for kids, gymkhana and ranch type sports. They are nice and docile but they sure do have the speed and agility when you need it!

  Super Holiday Joe
 Holiday Jinx
 Mister WBF
  Bobby Joe Royal
  Dee Gees Cuttie
 Dee Gee San
   Clearly A Cuttie
  Major Rene
 Major Bonanza
 Dee Bars Majorette
  Tiger Rene
  Dee Bar Superstar Doc's Dee Bar
   Isle Say Moore

WFR Salty Joe Jack

Salty is a 2000 AQHA mare belonging to Mom and Dad King, she was part of our brood mare band for a few years and has since gone back home. She produces amazing size in her babies.

  The Corn Husker
 Mighty Tink
 Double Blue Diamond
  Dora Bell
  Saltyniftybluegem Salty Charge
 Nifty Blue Jinx
  Jet Dial Joe Joe Flight Leo
 Crimson Jet Joe
  Northern Heart
  Connie Cowboy The Crimson Cowboy
   Connie Joe Jack