Straight 'N' Arrow Ranch

Plain and simple Quarter Horses.

Horsen Around, Learning and Having Fun!


 For the last couple of years a few people have been meeting once a week at the Dixonville rodeo grounds to get together and just have fun. Some people have horses and others like to watch or take pictures for others. Some people even sometimes bring snack!

 There seems to be an amazing amount of people who are not very confident and yet would really like to learn and become a great horse person. There are lots of ways we can teach each other and gain support for any discipline.

 This year we will be focusing on groundwork and safety. There will be no competition within our group, but that doesn't mean that we can't take on the world! Several of our members this year have expressed an interest in possibly learning how to show a horse and travel as a group to as many horse shows in the area as possible. One person hauls the horses while someone else hauls the camper, and others can bring tents and have a shower to use.

 Even if you don't own a horse yourself there are several members who have more horses than they know what to do with and don't mind sharing. We can even help you find a horse that works for you, and you don't need to rush.

 For more information please feel free to contact us anytime.