Straight 'N' Arrow Ranch

Plain and simple Quarter Horses.

Summer 2013 Ranch hand needed.

We are needing help this summer with horse training, colt starting, fence building/repair, haying, a little bit of cattle processing and other casual labor jobs. Experience with horses is a must as well as the ability to work alone. Mechanical understanding is also an asset. Ideally we would like to hire a young person with a class 5 drivers, a willingness to learn and an opinion to offer.

We work with the weather some days so there are no real set hours, just lots of projects that need to be taken care of.

Housing and horse board is available, as well as other perks. This is a salary job and bonus is paid when horses are sold.

Call Tina at home 780-971-2554 or the cell 780-625-7253 or email