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My Lady Blitz  SOLD



Smutty buckskin filly, halter broke and very curious but is still working on confidence. She is an outgoing girl that will have lots of height, stamina and is very athletic. This one is her Daddy all over again!


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 Whiskey Music
 Chargem Whiskey
  Corine Page
  VCR Northern Lights
 VCR Whizz Bang
   Chargem Plenty
  King Coal Levis
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  Cypress Honeybee
 Golden Jay Bar
   Fizzy Jet Stream

Filly born May 10th SOLD



Halter broke buckskin filly, very strong and almost foot broke. Very curious and will a nice all around kind of horse as she would become bored of a single sport in a real hurry. Needs a bit more confidence and refinement. Her full sister is very stout and very strong as well. Will mature around 14:3 or 15 hands.

She would be good for a person needing a horse to work on a daily basis like pasture, or maybe even for building up a good strong intermediate horse person. Her Mother was great for me (Tina) at that stage, as she was always checking to see if I was paying attention. If I wasn't she would find something to do to trip me up a little, which really helped me grow and learn. Lots of laughs and good times.

Just working on getting her papers done, just need pictures. But if you want to choose a name for her and have the papers transferred to you in one shot that is an easy task.


  Page Lee Whiskey Music
 Chargem Whiskey  Corine Page
  VCR Northern Lights VCR Whizz Bang
   Chargem Plenty
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This will be our final foal crop for a while. As much as we truly love raising them and matching them up to people, we will have to wait until horses are more appreciated again. That does not mean that we are giving up since there are still lots of horses out there, we just won't be producing more of them for a while.

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