Straight 'N' Arrow Ranch

Plain and simple Quarter Horses.


 Thank you for visiting us here at the ranch.

Danyel and Tina (we) were married in September 2004 with dreams of a horse and cattle ranch. We both grew up with horses and cattle, mainly riding Western but occasionally English as well. We have shown horses to a small degree and have also guided and wrangled in the Rocky Mountains, but our favorite activities are still the good old fashioned cattle drive, and our summer time gatherings of great company and amazing food!

We started with 3 horses each that we boarded at the great old ranch of Mom and Dad, while we were living in a trailer park in Peace River AB. A year later we bought a quarter section from the King family located in Dixonville AB. and that is how we got our start. We have been building our herd, home and family at the same time. Now we have around 20 horses, 20 cows, two dogs, a couple barn cats, a few goats and 2 children.

Danyel sponsors our ranch with his job as a power engineer at the pulp mill just outside of Peace River, while Tina became a stay at home ranch wife with the arrival of the children. We are both are members of the local fire department and continue public services and education in all kinds of different areas. We enjoy keeping up with financial trends and investments, natural horsemanship, ranch-man ship and gymkhana just to name a few.

Our goal is to raise quality horses for any rider and sport. We like our horses to be versatile, easy going and useful in as many different situations as possible. Rather than training horses for others, we would rather raise horses that we can stand by to match with a rider and give both the horse and human the best possible start in their relationship. That doesn't mean that we won't help out if someone is having issues, we will help out a horse/human pair as long as the human is willing to come around as often as possible while their horse is here.

During the summer time once a week we like to bring some horses into Dixonville and use their grounds to get a nice start on our colts and also help anyone who wants to learn about horses.

October 2010 we took possession of our new ranch!!!!! We purchased a half section of land with a nice roomy house, shop, barns and a corral system for cattle! Our goal is to build a riding arena and help out others (both horses and riders). We now have the materials to prefab an outdoor arena and should be breaking ground in the spring of 2013!

We are currently members with AQHA, APHA, NFQHA, Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders Group, Parelli Savvy club and AEF.


2009 Family photo                                                  2012 Family photo